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Zanello S.A.
Successor ZG Trac S.A., Pauny, Trac-Za, Abati, Zanello Maquinaria
Founded 1959
Founder(s) Pedro Zanello
Defunct 2002
Headquarters Córdoba, Argentina
Industry agriculture machinery tractor, buses

Zanello S.A. was a agricultural and forestry tractor and bus manufacturer that was based in Córdoba, Argentina, but went bankrupt.

Founded in 1959 by Pedro Zanello, the company met its demise in 2002. Various parts of the company were sold off to new companies, and resulted in more than one company building tractors with the Zanello name.

  • Pauny - Pauny S.A., headed by Raul Giai Levra; formed and owned by the workers of part of Zanello. They manufacture(d) under Pauny, Pauny Zanello, Zanello Pauny and Pauny Rino brands.
  • Trac-Za - Industries Villa Maria S.A., headed by brothers Luis and Carlos Zanello, purchased the Q-Trac series and manufacture under the Trac-Za brand.
  • Abati - Ariel Zanello joined Abati S.A. and they began manufacturing tractors. It is known as Zanello Argentina.
  • Zanello (CMZ) - began in about 2012 from what was Zanello Maquinarias. Sells as Zanello.
  • Zanello (ZG Trac) - ZG Trac S.A., headed by Dario Zanello, began manufacturing new Zanello's in 2006. Dario is the son of Luis Zanello, who formerly led the original company. He is nephew to Carlos, the head of Pauny.
  • Zanello Maquinarias - To add an additional twist, Zanello Maquinarias SRL emerged in about 2010 and advertise as being "100% Zanello". It is headed by Luis and Carlos Zanello, who were heading up Trac-Za. Has emerged as Zanello (CMZ).
  • Zanello (Tractomade) - In 2012, Tractomade SA was founded to manufacture some Zanello tractors under license from Pauny and used the Zanello Tractomade brand name. They have since renamed the brand to TMZ Zanello. It is owned by AGRO-MADE SA

Zanello also built Road Graders and Forklifts.


Tractor Models built by Zanello for other companies
Model Year(s) Produced Horsepower Engine Type Misc Notes Photo
King 285 TG 285 hp (213 kW) King 285 TG 4WD.jpg
King TGM-200-4 200 hp (150 kW) Cummins same as Zanello 500 C - TGM-200-4 in Pesados Argentinos King TGM-200-4 4WD-2003.jpg


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