Zanello is, and has been, a popular brand in South America, especially Argentina. It can refer to several different companies using the brand on their machinery, in the company name, or the family name of the founders. Similar tractors have been built by various companies, as well.


  • Zanello S.A. - The original Zanello company, founded in 1959 by Pedro Zanello, the company met its demise in 2002.
  • Abati - Ariel Zanello joined Abati S.A. and they began manufacturing tractors. It is known as Zanello Argentina.
  • Pauny - Pauny S.A., headed by Raul Giai Levra; formed and owned by the workers of a part of Zanello S.A.. They manufacture(d) under Pauny, Pauny Zanello, Zanello Pauny and Pauny Rino brands.
  • Trac-Za - Industries Villa Maria S.A., headed by brothers Luis and Carlos Zanello, purchased the Q-Trac series and manufacture under the Trac-Za brand.
  • Zanello (CMZ) - began in about 2012 from what was Zanello Maquinarias. Sells as Zanello.
  • Zanello Maquinarias - Zanello Maquinarias SRL emerged in about 2010 and advertise as being "100% Zanello". It is headed by Luis and Carlos Zanello, who were heading up Trac-Za. Is now known as Zanello (CMZ).
  • Zanello (Tractomade) - In 2012, Tractomade SA was founded to manufacture some Zanello tractors under license from Pauny and used the Zanello Tractomade brand name. They have since renamed the brand to TMZ Zanello. It is/was owned by AGRO-MADE SA.
  • Zanello (ZG Trac) - ZG Trac S.A., headed by Dario Zanello, began manufacturing new Zanello's in 2006. Dario is the son of Luis Zanello, who formerly led the original company. He is nephew to Carlos, the head of Pauny.
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