ZTS Traktory Works
Successor Martimex-Alfa
Founded 1973
Headquarters Martin, Czechoslovakia
Slovak Republic
Products tractor, engines, forestry equipment, military equipment
Parent Martimex

ZTS, ZTS Traktory Works of the Slovak Republic, is/was a builder of tractors. Based in Martin, Slovak Republic, ZTS began building tractors in 1973 in cooperation with Zetor. ZTS built many of the higher horsepower tractors for Zetor, which were sold under the Zetor, Zetor Crystal and Crystal brands, along with ZTS and possibly others. It was later known as ZTS Martin and ZTS-Tees Martin.

ZTS built tractors, engines, forestry equipment, tanks and other military equipment. ZTS was re-taken over by the government in 1998 to keep management from gutting the company.[1] Many of the tractors are similar in design to Zetor and Ursus tractors.

ZTS URII series - 1998

ZTS URII series (1998)

ZTS URIV series - 1998

ZTS URIV series (1998)

In 2002, ZTS was purchased by HTC Holding of the Slovak Republic, which also had purchased Zetor. HTC Holding later sold ZTS to Martimex, a Slovak conglomerate, and the company was renamed Martimex-Alfa. Martimex itself used to be part of the former ZTS conglomerate.[2] ZTS established a joint venture with Vinnytsia Enterprises and Agrolitain in the Ukraine to assemble tractors.[3] No current information can be found as to whether or not the company is still in business.

The engine portion was split out into Martin Diesel. The parts engineering portion was separated out and became ZTS Tees Vos in 1997.[4] Another engineering part was split out to become ZTS VVU KOSICE[5]. PHS Stojarne was split out and is a mine-equipment manufacturer, including mine locomotives,[6] and the tool-making division split off as Vienna International.[7]

The forestry division was split off into B&M Lesná technika s.r.o. Company and continues to manufacture the same LKT forestry tractors;[8] however, the Martimex-ALFA a.s. division continues manufacturing LKT forestry tractors.[9]


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