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Zhengzhou Yutong Group Co., Ltd.
Founded 1993
Headquarters Zhengzhou, Henan, China
Products buses, construction equipment

Zhengzhou Yutong Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Yutong Group), its head office located in Zhengzhou, Henan province, China, is a large-scale enterprise group with bus making as the core business, engineering machinery and real estate as the strategic business and at the same time giving attention to other investment portfolios. It was founded in 1993 from the assets of the former Zhengzhou Bus Manufacturing works.

Yutong Bus

Zhengzhou Yutong Bus Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Yutong Bus”) is located in Zhengzhou Industrial Park and now has developed into the largest and most advanced bus manufacturing base in Asia.

Lions Bus

Lions Bus was a short-term joint venture between the Yutong Group and MAN of Germany, each holding 50%. In 2009, MAN sold its stake to Yutong for 1 Euro.[1][2]


In 2007, sales amount of Yutong Group reached high up to RMB 12,588,000,000, (what is this in $ or £) taking up over 22% of the domestic market share. In the same year, 25,522 units of Yutong buses were sold through out the whole year, making Yutong Group once again enter into world top 5 considering the sales volume. And among them, 3,319 buses were exported with the export amount up to USD187 million, increasing 92% compared with the corresponding period in the previouse year. Till now, the number of Yutong buses in use world wide exceeds 120 thousand, making Yutong an international large-scale bus manufacturing enterprise.

In 1997, Yutong Bus became the first domestic bus enterprise listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange,becoming a long-established blue-chip potential stock in China’s A stock market. The main economic indicators of the enterprise have been growing rapidly for ten continuous years. Yutong Bus was awarded by BAAV “The Best Export Marketing Campaign of the Year 2006”, “The Best Marketing Campaign of the Year 2007” and “Coach Builder of the Year” in 2002, 2005 and 2006.[citation (source) needed]


In Apr. 2006, “Three Ministries and Commissions” such as Science and Technology Department embarked jointly on the pilot work of enterprises with independent innovation, and Yutong Bus was designated as such an enterprise. In Aug. 2006, Yutong Bus was titled “National Vehicle CBU Export Base Enterprise”. And in the same month of this year, Yutong passed the special investigation carried out by "General Administration of Quality supervision, Inspection and Quarantine" of the P.R.C and won the first “Certificate for Product Exemption from Export Inspection” in China’s vehicle industry. In Nov. 2006, Yutong brand won “China Brand Award of the Year”(NO.1 in China’s bus industry) issued by World Brand Lab. In 2007, the value of Yutong brand has increased by RMB 471 million and grows up to RMB 7.487 billion, which makes Yutong brand continue to hold the title of No.1 Brand in China’s bus industry for successive four years. According to State Statistics Bureau, Yutong Group ranks 324 in “China’s Top 500 Enterprises” and at the same time stood 41 in “China’s 500 Most Competitive Enterprises of the Year 2006” as the only bus enterprise to enter into this list.


  • ZK6891HG city bus
  • ZK6108HG city bus
  • ZK6118HG city bus
  • ZK6118HA 11-meter series
  • ZK6120H 12-meter series
  • ZK6120HR 12-meter series
  • ZK6752H
  • ZK6115D front-engine bus

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Yutong Heavy Industries

Another core part of the Yutong Group is Yutong Heavy Industries, which manufactures various construction equipment. There are about 3,500 employees in this part of the business, and they have more than 120 products. Yutong Heavy Industries was formed in 2003 and has had sale increases of 30% for 7 years.[3]


Backhoe Loaders

  • Yutong WZ30-25 backhoe - 95 hp (71 kW)
  • Yutong WZ30-25G backhoe - 112 hp (84 kW)
  • Yutong WZ30-25H backhoe - 112 hp (84 kW) Dongfeng Cummins engine


  • Yutong YTMG350 crane
  • Yutong YTMG460 crane
  • Yutong YTQH259 hydraulic crane
  • Yutong YTQH300 hydraulic crane
  • Yutong YTQH350A hydraulic crane
  • Yutong YTQH400A hydraulic crane
  • Yutong YTQH450 hydraulic crane
  • Yutong YTQH600 hydraulic crane
  • Yutong YTQH1200 hydraulic crane
  • Yutong YTQU50 crane
  • Yutong YTQU70 crane
  • Yutong YTQU80 crane
  • Yutong YTQU125 crane
  • Yutong YTQU160 crane
  • Yutong YTQZ220 crane

Mining Dump Trucks

  • Yutong YT3581 Mining Dump Truck
  • Yutong YT3621 Mining Dump Truck
  • Yutong YT3622 Mining Dump Truck
  • Yutong YT3623 Mining Dump Truck
  • Yutong YT3761 Mining Dump Truck
  • Yutong YT3801 Mining Dump Truck


  • Yutong CL9A scraper
  • Yutong CTY9A pull-type scraper

Wheeled Loaders

  • Yutong 931A wheeled loader
  • Yutong 936H wheeled loader
  • Yutong 952A wheeled loader
  • Yutong 956H wheeled loader
  • Yutong 966H wheeled loader
  • Yutong 988H wheeled loader
  • Yutong ZL30EFB wheeled loader


  • Yutong 6830 compactor
  • Yutong GQ380 compactor
  • Yutong TL210H earth mover
  • Pile drivers
  • Special trucks (cement mixers, Waste trucks)

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