Yard scraper (muck) at lanark 11 - IMG 8611

Yard scraper for manure & slurry

For the earth moving machine commonly called a scraper, see motor scraper.

A Yard Scraper is a agricultural machine that is used for for scraping up manure in open stock yards and pushing it into a slurry pit or a muck spreader.

The attachment consists of a frame to mount on the Three-point Linkage, with a curved or 3 section blade attached with a flexible rubber edge to rub on the yard and act like a squeegee. The blades on some models are pivoted to flip over to work bi-directional or direct the muck to one side or the other.


The unit is mounted on the 3 point linkage of a small tractor and reversed up the yard pushing the slurry / muck into a heap or towards a ramp to the pit.

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Backpusher blade spreading clay

  • Backpusher a sort of blade / bucket used in some countries behind attractor for levelling earth out by pushing it in reverse (backwards).
Earth leveler - blade at DP 09 - IMG 7965

A Ferguson 'Earth leveller' a type of 'grader blade'

  • Grader blade a blade fitted on the tractors linkage for levelling earth - more precision than the Backpusher above & used driving forward to pull the blade.


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