Trusty Stead sn 388 reg YJB 406 at Kettering 08 - IMG 2005

At Kettering Vintage Rally and Steam Fayre 2008

The YJB 406 is a Trusty Steed tractor built by Tractors (London) Ltd in 1953.

Vehicle history Edit

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History timeline Edit

  • Built in 1953

Vehicle specification Edit

  • Norton engine
  • Belt drive
  • Fitted with Rotavator

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Preservation Edit

Owned by collector E. Roberts of Corby, Northants, England.

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Events attended by vehicleEdit

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Gallery Edit

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Photo Caption / Description
Trusty plate sn 388 - IMG 2006 Manufactures plate
Trusty Steed no 388 - YJB 406 at Old Warden 09 - IMG 1455 At Old Warden Steam Rally 2009
Trusty Stead no. 388 - YJB 406 at Old Warden 09 - IMG 1457 Rear mounted rotavator attachment
Trusty tractor YJB 406 at Lincoln 08 - DSC00022 At the Lincolnshire Steam and Vintage Rally 2008
Trusty Steed - YJB 406 and Ransomes MG2 sn 151 at Rushden 2010 - IMG 9427 Seen at Rushden Transport Cavalcade on 2010 with Mr Roberts Ransomes MG2 sn 151
Trusty Steed - YJB 406 at Rushden 2010 - IMG 9426 At Rushden Transport Cavalcade 2010
Trusty Steed - YJB 406 with rotavator at Rushden 2010 - IMG 9425 Fitted with a rotavator attachment
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