Promotional vehicle - worthingtons - front - Belvoir - DSCF0239

Worthingtons Beer Bottle Promotional vehicle at Belvoir Castle Steam Festival 2007

'XU 177 is a custom built promotional vehicle from the 1923, Built by Daimler for the Worthington Brewery Company.

Vehicle HistoryEdit

This is not a conversion (as is commonly believed) it is one of five produced by the Daimler Motor Company between 1920 and 1925. This one XU 177 was produced in 1923 and cost £1,027 which in them days was a lot of money, and is one of the last three survivors. The vehicles left the factory as with this 'Custom Bottlework body' as Worthingtons ordered them especially for promotional use (remember this is before the invention of television). Later on Worthingtons merged with Bass in 1927 to form Bass Worthington Ltd and some of the cars received a new livery which included a Bass Diamond label . XU177 has been returned to its 1920s livery and now resides at the Bass Museum/ Coors visitor centre in Burton on Trent. Unfortunatly the museum closed to the public in June 2008. But the vehicle is still under Molson Coors UK limited ownership (formerly Bass brewers) but now (sadly) no longer sees the light of day.


Advertising vehicle-Worthingtons- side - Belvoir - DSCF0238

Side view of the Worthington / Bass Advertising vehicle, at Belvoir Castle show 2008

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