Scammell Contractor - XUP 999F at Earls Barton Rally 09 - IMG 5973

At Earls Barton Rally 2009

XUP 999F is a Scammell Contractor Ballast tractor built in 1968 and supplied to new to Siddle C. Cook of County Durham.

History timelineEdit

Supplied new in 1968 as the last new Contractor to Siddle C. Cook before they disappeared as an independent company. Bought by Pickfords and transferred to the Northern Ireland Carriers division.

1977 - Entered the record books when it assisted Magnaload move a 120 ft long reheater for a Californian power station, which was the heaviest load moved on UK roads at the time.[1]

1981 - Sold to Dennison transport services.

1987 - Bought by Shamara Heavy Haulage of Southampton.

198? - Peter Court of Sunbury Oxford

1992 - Enters preservation with Terry Hayle. Major refurbishment undertaken over a two year period.

1996 - Abnormal Load Engineering then bought it and shipped it to the Middle East for work transporting pipeline materials on a offield contract.

2003 - bought by Tony Jordan for preservation (again) and returned to the Siddle C. Cook livery.

2005 - Sold to Colin Bridges

2007 - bought by Brian and Rob Bailey of Isham Northants, the current owners.


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Corgi modelEdit

This truck is featured in the Corgi no. 18006 model which features it pulling a long pressure vessel fabrication from GEC in the livery of Northern Ireland Carriers on twin modular trailers.


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  • Display board with the vehicle
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