David Brown Tugmaster - XAS 987 at Newark VTS 08 - IMG 3552

David Brown Tugmaster - XAS 987 in the George Stephenson pavilion at Newark Vintage Show in 2008

XAS 987 is a restored David Brown Tugmaster winch tractor built in 1943 by David Brown in Yorkshire, England. Owned and restored by Mr. Bernard Bell from Boston Lincolnshire. restored to a concourse condition.

Tractors historyEdit

  • Built in 1943
  • Originally worked at a RAF base in WWII pulling aircraft.
  • Fitted with a fluid clutch (early torque converter) to reduce shock loading when towing aircraft.
  • Found in a barn in 2002
  • Restored by current owner in 2005
  • Detailed history unknown.
  • Owned by Mr. Bernard Bell a tractor collector from Boston Lincolnshire.


This tractor has been exhibited at events including;



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David Brown Tugmaster with winch - XAS 987 at Newark VTS 08 - IMG 3553 At Newark Vintage Tractor and Heritage Show in 2008
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Photos from 2008 Newark Vintage Tractor and Heritage Show.

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