Woolpit Steam Rally
Woolpit rally site (from carpark side) 09 - IMG 1577.jpg
Looking out across the ring. The Steam line, tractors and Saunderson displays are hidden in the dip infront of the tree line.
Organisers D. Seeley & G. Seeley
In aid of
Local charities
(£11,000 in 2008)
Sponsors (main)
Date held on 30 &31st of May 2009
Duration (days) 2
Venue Warren Farm
Location Wetherden
County Sufolk
Country England
NTET Accredited ?
Attendance numbers
(approximate no.)
Next Event Date 2011
First Event was held in (year) ?
Last Event was held in (year)
No. of years held ?
Events Web Site www.woolpit-steam.org.uk

The rally site looking from the military vehicles back across the fair ground to the ring and car park behind.

The Woolpit Steam event is held each year in Suffolk, at Woolpit nr Bury St Edmunds. The event is one of the older rallies and is a more 'Local' show than some of the Bigger commercial rallies.

Event history[edit | edit source]

Some details required of this events origins - please

Exhibits and attractions[edit | edit source]

  • Steam engines
  • Vintage rather than classic tractors
  • Stationary Engines
  • working / demonstration area
  • small military and commercial vehicle section
  • Vintage cars
  • Vintage fairground rides
  • Trade and collectables stalls
  • local club stands
  • Beer 'barn'
  • collectable displays.
  • etc.

2010 Event[edit | edit source]

Featured machine was the Walsh & Clark oil tractors, with 6 of the 7 known survivors being present. The missing one is in the Science Museum reserve collection and they would not let it out for the weekend, as it may get wet !!

Woolpit Steam/2010

2009 Event[edit | edit source]

The featured Make for this years event was Saunderson, with a number of rare examples of this 'local' manufacturer gathered with a historical information display put on for the 70 the anniversary of the death of Herbert Percy Saunderson in 1939. Eighteen exhibits of Saunderson related machinery were gathered together for the show, along with historic adverts and photographs and literature from the late 1800's to the 1930s.

Woolpit Steam/2009

Steam[edit | edit source]

A collection of 14 steam engines were working with one driving a Thresher.

  • List of engines to follow with images

Tractors and machinery[edit | edit source]

About 100 vintage tractors and machinery was on display.

  • details of the notable exhibits to follow.

Commercial vehicles[edit | edit source]

A few examples including military vehicles were exhibited, mainly being haulage tractors, some with showmans caravans.

Other exhibits[edit | edit source]

  • Cars - a selection of vintage cars
  • Vintage motorbikes
  • Stationary engines - nearly a 100 stationary engines and associated pumps, grinders & cutters etc featured around the perimeter of the site with a Bamfords feature representing a typical estate set up of several machines working off one engine.
  • Motor rollers - 2 rare Barford & Perkins motor rollers were on display.
  • Models - this section include an impressive display of boats built by members of the local society of model makers.
  • Fairground rides a few historic rides and amusements were also in action.
  • The usual trade and collectable stands

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  • Show guide & photos from the event.

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