Some of the immaculately restored vehicles of the William Hunter collection, seen at the 1st Riverside Steam and Vintage Vehicle Rally in 2009

The William Hunter collection is a large Private collection of Commercial vehicles owned by William Hunter, of Lancashire. William Hunter along with Alan Atkinson, John Johnson and Peter Wareing are the organisers of the Riverside Steam and Vintage Vehicle Rally held at the Harrison Leisure Groups Riverside Park site near Banks, Southport, Lancashire.[1]

Note: this is NOT a collection that is open for viewing. The vehicles can be seen at events that the owner participates in, as static exhibits or on road runs.

About the collection[edit | edit source]

This collection of vehicles includes a number that have been used by the Hunter families fresh produce business. The vehicles are restored to an excellent standard.

Events[edit | edit source]

vehicles from the collection can be seen at some of the many Classic vehicle shows and Steam fairs in the Lancashire area and at road runs such as organized by the Historic Commercial Vehicle Society.

Events that have included vehicles from the Hunter collection include;

The collection[edit | edit source]

Expand the list here with any more vehicles of the Hunter family collection.

It is believed that the collection contains at least another 50 or so vehicles awaiting restoration. A few of the projects were seen at Riverside Steam and Vintage Vehicle Rally 2010.

The Hunter family collection
Make Model Reg no Year built / registered vehicle type
(body / axles)
Photo Misc info
Albion Motors Albion Chieftain WTD 873+ 1955 type ? Albion Cheiftain - WTD 873 at Riverside 09 - IMG 7466.jpg
Albion Motors Albion Reiver RE29 3414 TE+ 1963 Chassis cab Albion Reiver - 3414 TE of William Hunter at Riverside 2010 - IMG 7694.jpg Under restoration
Atkinson ? VTC 951+ 1955 8-wheeler flatbed Atkinson ? - VTC 951 at Riverside 09 - IMG 7432.jpg In the livery of Hague Transport Ltd.
Austin Austin K2 Reg no. ? 1943 type ? to add 150px
Austin Austin K2 FWM 752+ 1945 Dropside with slats for loose produce Austin K2 - FWM 752 produce transport body at riverside 09 - IMG 7420.jpg Owned originally by Williams farther and used in the family produce business
Bedford Bedford model ? reg no. ? year ? Chassis cab Bedford ? of William Hunter at Riverside 2010 - IMG 7684.jpg Under restoration - 2010
Bedford Bedford O OTB 315+ 1954 Dropside Bedford O flatbed - OTB 315 at RiversideIMG 7433.jpg
Bedford Bedford OB with Duple body DUD 522+ 1950s coach Bedford OB coach - DUD 522 of William Hunter at Riverside 2010 - IMG 7712.jpg
Bedford Bedford OSS JXC 6+ 1950 Tractor unit Bedford OSS (scammell) tractor unit - JXC 6 at Riverside 09 - IMG 7456.jpg Fitted with Scammell coupling system
Commer Commer model ? UNP 514+ 1950s Chassis cab Commer ? - UNP 514 of William Hunter at Riverside 2010 - IMG 7697.jpg Under restoration - 2010
Leyland Leyland Beaver Reg no. ? 1969 type ? to add 150px
Leyland Leyland Cub CKP 137+ 1936 Flatbed Leyland Cub - CKP 137 at Riverside 09 - IMG 7446.jpg
Leyland Leyland Super Comet HJP 18H+ 1969 Flatbed Leyland Super Comet - HJP 18H at Riverside 09 - IMG 7466.jpg Fitted with the Ergomatic cab- photo on CCMV
Leyland Leyland Octopus GJM 768+ 1960 Flatbed Leyland Octopus - GJM 768 at Riverside 09 - IMG 7447.jpg
Seddon model ? TTF 661+ 1954 Flatbed Seddon TTF 661 at Riverside 09 - IMG 7466.jpg
make model ? Reg no. ? year ? type ? to add 150px entry not finalised in guide

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Based on show guides and photos from events featured.

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  2. This Is Lancashire web site news report, 17th June 2005

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