Week-Dungey New Simplex at carrington 2009 - IMG 9883

The only surviving Weeks-Dungey New Simplex tractor

The Weeks-Dungey tractor was built in 1915 by William Weeks and Son who were agricultural engineers based at Maidstone, Kent.


About 1915 Weeks were asked by Mr. Dungey a local fruit and hop grower to build a tractor. The first Weeks-Dungey tractors were fitted with a four-cylinder engine at the front and a large cylindrical water tank (hopper) at the rear next to the driver's seat.

In about 1918 they built the Weeks-Dungey New Simplex model. This had a Waukesha Engines from Wisconsin and a 3 speed gear box from the Detroit Gear Engineering Co. of Michigan, imported from the USA. The exact number built is unknown, but some quote 220, with production ended in 1925.


The sole surviving example known was exhibited at the Carrington Steam and Tractor Rally in 2009.(photo above & below)

This tractor has been in several notable collections during its life in preservation.


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