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Walsh & Clark 'Victoria' ploughing engine at the Woolpit Steam rally 2009 on the display by the Museum of East Anglian Life

The brass serial number plate of the 1920s engine

Walsh & Clark Ltd of Guiseley Leeds, England. were manufacturers of an early tractor for Ploughing that was similar to the steam ploughing engines set up. A internal combustion engine powered a pair of winches was used to pull a plough back and forth across a field. The system name as Victoria. The tractor was a twin cylinder design that resembled the layout of a steam engine. The design was introduced in 1913 and continued till the mid 1920's. The system went out of popularity when flexible lightweight tractors became more popular, as a means of cultivating.

Product range

  • The "Victoria" Oil Ploughing Engine - a 2 cylinder horizontal oil (paraffin) engined cable ploughing engine built in the manner of a Steam ploughing engine. superseded by light weight tractors.
  • The "Victoria" Oil Engine - 9 hp Single cylinder horizontal oil engine.
  • Walsh & Clarke portable oil engine pumps[1]


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  • Six examples were brought together for the 2010 Woolpit Steam rally.
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  • No.s 5038 RH (shown) & no. 5039 LH are in the collection of the Museum of East Anglian Life
  • No.s 5045 RH & 5046 LH are in a private collection in England.[2]
  • No. ? - Tractor Reg no. GV 9715 ex Peter Fordham collection sold in 2011 by Cheffins
List of Preserved Walsh and Clark Tractors & Engines
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Make + Model No. Reg No.
(if known)
Serial No. Build-Date Engine-Type/Make Owner
(if known)
Photo Were seen/Featured in Other info
"Victoria" oil engine - No. 4270 1913 Horizontal portable Oil engine N. Stonehouse, Scarborough N.Yorks. Walsh and Clark Victoria oil engine no.4270 at Duncombe Park 2013 - IMG 1356.jpg At Duncombe Park Steam Rally 2013 A rare example of this make of portable engine
'Victoria' Oil Ploughing Engine - No. 5038 RH 1920 Cable Ploughing (oil) engine Museum of East Anglian Life Walsh & Clark Victoria engine sn 5038 RH at Wollpit 09 - IMG 1066.jpg Woolpit Steam 2009 One of a pair with 5039 LH
'Victoria' oil ploughing engine - No. 5039 LH 1920 Cable ploughing (oil) engine Museum of East Anglian Life 100px

Not seen One of a pair with 5038 RH
'Victoria' oil ploughing engine - no. 5045 LH 1920 Cable ploughing engine owner ? (not listed in guide) Walsh & Clark Victoria Engine no. 5045 LH at Newby 2010 - IMG 8992.jpg at Newby Hall Vintage Gathering 2010 one of a pair with 5046 RH
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Scale models

6 inch scale model

A 6 Inch scale model of a Walsh and Clarke ploughing engine was at the Wymswold Steam Rally in 2008.

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