Wain-Roy backhoe on IH 2275 at Newby 11 - IMG 0148

Wain-Roy Backhoe on a IH 2275 tractor loader

Wain-Roy was a brand of Backhoe that was fitted to various makes of tractor and crawler tractor from the 1960s. The Wain-Roy company was based in Massachusetts in the USA.

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Early history Unknown - can you help fill in the details ?

Over the years Wain-Roy developed many inovative attachments and coupling devices which they patented.[1]

Wain-roy was taken over by the Woods equipment Company in ? and is now a brand in their construction division along with Alitec, Central Fabrications, Gannon and Woods.


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  • Wikipatents - Wain-roy inc has many Patents relating to machinery and hydraulic systems.

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