Wahl was a tractor manufactuer based in Balingen, in Germany. The company had one of the few factories not destroyed in the 2nd world war and was able to re-start production before other firms in 1947. The company had started building tractors in 1935. They used MWM diesel engines with ZF gearboxes to build range of small tractors suited to the German market at that time. They also started using Hatz engines in some models. Hatz being another german firm that was primarly (and still is) engine builder that also built tractors for aperiod post war. By the mid 1950's sales were falling and even introducing larger 3 cylinder models and exporting failed to halt the decline, and they stoped building tractors in 1960.

Wahl then became distriutor for David Brown of the UK in Germany. But this did not last long as David Brown set up their own distributor after a few years and Wahl folded.

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  • Wahl W12 Built from 1952 to 1959
  • Wahl W15 Built from 1950 to 1954
  • Wahl W15 Built only in 1959
  • Wahl W17 Built from 1952 to 1962
  • Wahl W22 Built from 1953 to 1959 (called W120 up from 1960)
  • Wahl W28 Up from 1952
  • Wahl W46 Built from 1947 to 1951
  • Wahl W46/A15 Built in 1951 and at the beg. of 1952( then called W28 )
  • Wahl W40 Built from 1951 to 1957
  • Wahl W120 built up from 1960
  • Wahl W30
  • Wahl W130
  • Wahl W70
  • Wahl W80 Built only in 1959
  • Wahl W90
  • Wahl W35 Built from 1935 to 1946
  • Wahl W98
  • Wahl W133
  • Wahl W55


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