WUU 766
Scammell Highwayman - Aylesbury Duck - WUU 766 at Old Warden 09 - IMG 0814
"Aylesbury Duck" at Old Warden in 2009
General Details
Make Scammell
Model Highwayman
Registration no. WUU 766
Build Year Unknown
Basic spec
Body style(s) Ballast tractor
No. of Axles 2
Drive configuration 4x2
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Scammell Highwayman - WUU 766 - Aylesbury Duck fitted with Gardner generator at Old Warden 09 - IMG 0817

Gardner generator mounted on rear

WUU 766 is a Scammell Highwayman Ballast tractor known as Aylesbury Duck. This unit is used as a showmans tractor to move a fairground amusement unit for Roses Amusements. The unit is fitted as a showman's tractor with a Gardner powered Generator on the back to provide power to the side show.


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