Volvo Sharpnose
Volvo LV101 Truck 1939
Manufacturer Volvo
Also called Volvo LV101 - 112
Volvo L201 - 202
Production 1938 - 1950,
approx. 6,300 produced[1]
Predecessor Volvo LV76-series
Successor Volvo L340
Class Light truck
Engine(s) Volvo sv inline 6
Transmission(s) 4 speed non-syncro manual
Wheelbase 3.1 m (122.0 in) - 4.1 m (161.4 in)[1]
Curb weight 2,800 kg (6,172.9 lb) - 5,000 kg (11,023.1 lb) (gross weight)[1]

The Volvo LV101-112, or the Sharpnose was a light truck produced by Swedish automaker Volvo between 1938 and 1950.


In 1938 Volvo presented its light LV101-series truck, affectionately known as the "Sharpnose". At the same time Volvo introduced the taxicab PV800. The two models series shared engine, radiator cover and bonnet. The smallest model LV101 was mechanically almost identical to the taxicab, while the larger LV102 was a “genuine” truck.[2]

In 1940 the program was supplemented with the heavier LV110/111/112, built on three different wheelbases.[3]

After the Second World War Volvo updated the truck series with the stronger ED engine, renaming it L201/202.

Engines Edit

LV101-1121938-46Volvo EC: I6 sv3,670 cc (224 cu in)86 bhp (64 kW) Petrol engine
LV101-1121940-45Volvo ECG: I6 sv3,670 cc (224 cu in)50 bhp (37 kW)Wood gas conversion
L201-2021947-50Volvo ED: I6 sv3,670 cc (224 cu in)90 bhp (67 kW)Petrol engine

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References Edit

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