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Volgograd Tractor Factory (VTZ)
Predecessor Stalingrad Tractor Factory
Headquarters Volgograd, Russia
Products agriculture machinery tractor

A Russian DT75 at the Onslow Park Rally 2009

The Volgograd Tractor Factory (Russian: Волгоградский тракторный завод, Volgogradskiy traktornyy zavod, or ВТЗ, VTZ) is a heavy equipment factory located in Volgograd, Russia previously known until 1961 as the Stalingrad Tractor Factory named for Dzerzhinsky (Russian: Сталинградский тракторный завод им. Ф. Э. Дзержинского, Stalingradskiy traktornyy zavod im. F.E. Dzerzhinskogo, or СТЗ, STZ).

The factory produces tractors and military equipment. During World War II, the factory was known as the Stalingrad Tractor factory (STZ) and retooled to produce equipment for the Red Army, most notably the T-34 tank. It became world-famous during the Battle of Stalingrad for the fierce battles fought there.

In December 2002 the factory was divided into four separate companies within the Group:

  • Tractor Company VgTZ (Traktornaya kompaniya VgTZ)
  • Russian Machine Building Components (Rossiyskiye mashinostroitel’nyye komponenty)
  • Territory of Commercial Development (Territoriya promyshlennogo raszvitiya)
  • Volgograd Tractor Factory (Volgogradskiy traktornyy zavod)

There is also a separate production facility for production of military technology projects Volgograd Machine Building Company VgTZ (Volgogradskaya mashinostroitel’naya kompaniya VgTZ).

As an incorporated entity the factory was recognised as bankrupt in 2005.[1]


  • T-34 - Tank
  • STZ NATI Artillery Tractor
  • PT-76
  • BMD-1
  • BMD-2
  • BMD-3
  • BMD-4
  • DT75 - Crawler tractor


A few examples of Russian built tractors and plant were imported in the 1970's when the soviet union exported some items to earn foreign currency. Other

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