Vibromax was a German manufacturer of Rollers and Compaction equipment. In 2005 JCB bought Vibromax. This was the first time since 1968 that JCB bought a company.

The brand name VIBROMAX – constitutes a combination of the words "Vibration Maximal". The company is synonymous with dynamic soil compaction.

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History[edit | edit source]

(More Vibromax history requires adding) The company was founded in the year 1870. In 1932, a patent for an "Apparatus for the compaction of soils" was granted to the company, which operating under the name Losenhausen Maschinenbau GmbH. The VIBROMAX brand name came into being at this time. Vibromax machines quickly became established in the world markets as machines for their optimum compaction performance. Vibromax are a developer of innovative compaction technology.

Vibromax has continued to pursue the idea of "maximum vibration", incorporating this concept in a complete range of products designed for a multitude of applications. Name originated around mid 1930 in the Losenhausen works, founded by Franz Josef Losenhausen 1n 1880 and located in Dusseldorf West Germany

Besides production facilities in Gatersleben near Quedlinburg in Germany.

Vibromax had subsidiaries in North America and Asia.

The rollers were branded CASE-Vibromax for many years up until Case sold out (sometime before 1993). Case subsequently went on to brand the Ammann/STA line of machines as Case for the USA market. Vibromax went for a time under the "Vibromax 2000" brand until the company was purchased by JCB of England and machines are now branded worldwide as JCB Vibromax.

Machines made by Vibromax include:

Single Drum Compactors Smooth/Padfoot
  • 1101, 1601, 1801
  • 602, 1102, 1402, 1802
  • 1103, 1803
  • 405, 605, 1105, 1405, 1805
  • 1806
  • VM46, VM66, VM106, VM116, VM146, VM166, VM186 - These machines were the last Vibromax models and were branded JCB after the takeover
Tandem Drum Compactors
  • W102, W152, W251 W252, W552, W554, 751, W752, W852, W854
  • W255, W265, W355, W365, W455, W465, W862, W864
Pneumatic Tyre Roller
  • W24T, W2400T - Both are licence designs of STA of Poland
Pedestrian operated Vibrating Plates
  • AT40, AT60, 6002
Pedestrian operated roller
  • W45, W62, W70, W100
Towed Vibrating Compactors
  • W501, W651
Asphalt Paver
  • F25

Model range[edit | edit source]

Historical model range[edit | edit source]

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Current Model range[edit | edit source]

(Current models now branded JCB)

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  • JCB Vibromax web site
  • Vibromax Historie web site - Excellent old photos of factory and early > modern machines (text in German)

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