Defunct 1964
Headquarters Vendeuvre, France
Products tractor
Parent Allis-Chalmers
Vendeuvre logo
Vendeuvre Supper BB21 of 1956 at Peterborough 08 - IMG 3129

A Vendeuvre Super BB 21 recently imported (2006) in to UK

Vendeuvre was a French tractor manufacturer, founded in Vendeuvre before the 2nd World War, building farm machinery. The company stared building tractors in 1950. The firm built tractors with one and two cylinder engines, with some four cylinder models. The company was taken over by Allis-Chalmers in 1959. The firm, like many other small tractor companies, they stopped building tractors in 1964 following the Allis-Chalmers take-over. They had built 25,000 tractors by the time of closure.

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A few of these can be seen on the continent.

  • A Vendeuvre Supper BB21 of 1951 was presented at the Peterborough National Tractor show in November 2008. (photo above)
  • do you know of anymore in the UK ? if please add details & photos here, thank you.

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