Vassalli Fabril S.A.
Predecessor Roque Vassalli S.A.
Founded 1949
Founder(s) Roque Vassalli
Headquarters Firmat, Santa Fe, Argentina
Products agriculture machinery combine harvester

Vassalli Fabril S.A. is a company created by Roque Vassalli in 1949. It was originally called Vassalli Roque S.A. was established in Firmat, Santa Fe, Argentina, and is dedicated to the manufacture of combine harvesters. Starting as a metallurgical establishment, Vassalli began making the first batch of comine harvesting, capable of simultaneous operation in a single collection, cutting, shelling and bagging the grain, which was to revolutionize agriculture worldwide. After a few years had passed, the first model manufactured completely at the plant in Firmat, the "Super Vassalli", was introduced and made Vassalli's founder proud.

Vassalli launched more than 20 different models, some of them particularly successful in sales as the "V 900", "910 Leader", and "Vassalli 1200". The latter is still remembered as achieving a technological leap forward at the time.

The successive changes introduced in the combine models were always associated with the needs of the men in the field; i.e. "listening to the customer". The Vassalli brand is characterized by being very practical, having high performance and for its easy maintenance. Models like the "3-16" is noted for its versatility, since they could become special units for heavy land, including for the rice crop, as in the case of the "3-16 JMR Vassalli". On average, each 1 1/2 years the Vassalli company proposes an alternative that addresses the need for higher yields, lower levels of loss of grain, harvested grain cleaner and more speed.[citation (source) needed]

In the 1980s, Vassalli introduced a new line of combine harvesters under the brand Don Roque. Both lines continue to this day. Vassalli is one of the major industrial companies in Argentina.

In 2003, a combine harvester based on Vassalli designs was produced in a former/closed Vassalli factory, under the Firmat brand, the Firmat 910 R.A. Expert[1].

In 2008, Vassalli signed an agreement with Deutz-Fahr to provide them with rotary combines.[2]

In 2010, Vassalli entered negotiations with Sonalika International of India for them to assemble Vassalli-designed combines under license.[3]

In 2017, sign a deal with ARGO, parent company of Landini, McCormick Tractors and Valpadana, for the assembly of tractors under the Vassalli brand under license.


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Models of Vassalli combines
Model Year(s) Produced Horsepower Engine Type Misc Notes Photo
Deutz-Fahr 19.12 1991-¿1994? 190 hp (140 kW) Deutz Vassalli 1200 based DF 19.12 combine (Vassalli 1200) - 1992

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