Vaporising is the club magazine of the National Vintage Tractor and Engine Club in the United Kingdom. It is free to all club members (included in membership fee) The magazine has been published for 40 years.


The magazine started as a way of informing members of events and the activities of the regional branch groups.

It has grown to include a wide range of articles written by members on the history of various makers, or machine types.

Museums and events of interest to members, reports on past & future events.

It caries a small ads section for members and a few 'trade' adverts.


The magazine has also covered future developments in agriculture when it published an 2 part article about the Trantor tractor in 2000 under the title "Developments In Tractor Design".[1]. The Trantor was the first high speed tractor designed for transport and tractor work and was created before the JCB Fastrac. The early examples which were built in the 1970s are now collectors machines and appear at tractor shows.

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  • based on a typical issue

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