VEPR - Commander
Type Armoured personnel carrier
Place of origin Ukraine
Service history
In service 2006
Production history
Designer Kremenchuk Automobile Assembly Plant
Designed 2002
Manufacturer Kremenchuk Automobile Assembly Plant
Unit cost $50000-$250000
Variants Hunter, Commander, C
Weight 3.56 t. and up depending on the armour
Length 5.3 m.
Width 2.5
Height 2.1
Diameter 18-20 icnhes
Crew 5-9

Armor 10 mm. D6, D7 class
Engine 4 cylinder 3.9 liter diesel
Payload capacity 2 t,
Transmission Iveco manual
Suspension independent, 4x4
Ground clearance 300-600 mm. adjustable
Speed 140 km/h

VEPR (Ukrainian: автомобіль Високо-Ефективної ПРохідності) is a Ukrainian multi-purpose off-road vehicle designed and assembled by the Kremenchuk Automobile Assembly Plant. (The name is a pun:Ukrainian: Вепр, wild boar.)

Designers' goal was to create an SUV-type vehicle which would have the same terrain ability traditionally reserved for larger cargo vehicles, such as KrAZ and Ural. The patent has been received for the passenger-cargo vehicle.

Fuel consumption for the vehicle this size is very modest. City - 14 liters, highway - 11.5 liters per 100km. which is better than a smaller Hummer. [1][2]

Standard modification includes:

  • adjustable pressure tires for use on all terrains
  • a/c and heat independent of the engine
  • drum brakes of closed type, for harsh temperatures and driving over ford crossings, can clear up to 1.5 meter water level
  • stainless steel frame and parts
  • Kolchuga passive sensor (removed in civic models)
  • BTR-94 wheels [3][4]

Present modifications:

  • VEPR-Commander - special ops, extreme off-road, civilian
  • VEPR-Hunter - for hunting in harsh conditions
  • VEPR-C (Special)- fully armored multi-purpose


As of 2006 at least 10 vehicles have been produced for the Siberian Tyumen and Yakutiya regions, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan[5]. It is said to be targeted at the American Hummer SUV[6].


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