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Moving from Wikia[edit source]

Hi Anno1404 As i got no real yes/no response from the community here other than most (main editors) all reduced or stopped contributing new pages when the new skin came in it is on hold. Non of the other wiki farms are as advanced as wikia so currently it is better the devil u know than jumping into the fire, and some of the populare one were getting indegestion migrating sites. I originally started on wikia for the reason that they were slicker and more stable then others appeared & idid not need to learn ptograming to run a site. I dont what to run a forum site or a blog site or a 'normal' web site, the wiki model of others contributing was what suited me for the idea. If i understood mediaWiki & all the other stuff id probably take the site private and redesign it then possibly self host latter but thats looking like too much trouble at the moment, so i stuck here for now.

Note: I moved my AWA post from Moving from Wikia to Support people leaving Wikia before the AWA page was censored on wikia IIRC. The biggest proportion of content and photos is added by me & i have a vast number to add but when the skin changes were proposed and after several earlier changes annoyed me i'm not giving wikia my content when they ignore contributors views totally. - (This talkpage message is NOT released under CC by SA) -   BulldozerD11   talk    contribs   00:36, December 1, 2010 (UTC)

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