Hi Terry welcome

Thanks for posting photos of your family tractor project. This site can be a bit temperamental at times for editing as they have created several ways of doing it which can sometimes 'break' pages as sometimes a missing space or extra character in a table gets mistaken for Wiki code that makes up the tables and then they dont format correctly, so display the wiki markup code and data all mixed up. I also find the site slow to react at times, which may be my pc or could be the wikia server and changes they have made to the media wiki software from the original wikipedia editor and wiki code trying to make it easier for new users to not have to learn wiki code by using a 'visual' editor.

The best bit of advice i can probably give is try to upload photos to a descriptive title rather than just a photo/image number e.g use [[File:Farmall H sn FBH4141 - DVF 323 at Newark 09 - IMG 6813.jpg]] rather than [[File:39.jpg]]. Some methods of adding/uploading to the site allow u to change the name during upload, but others dont, so they are best changed first to add a descriptive title infront of the file no from the camera. descriptive titles allow images to be found by the internal search function and also external search engines. Somebody else may upload a totaly different photo over the top of your photo with the same tittle which will then appear wherever your image was used. (I can rename them but it takes time, as i also have to then change all the places they are used to the new name manualy

I'll add your tractor to the table of surviving examples later, then it can be linked to a seperate page for it linked by the 'model name and serial number' - e.g. International B275 sn 9027 .

Lots of tractor makes and models from the USA are missing photos of an example of them, old or new so if you have any suitable photos feel free to add them, as not all models made it to UK.

--  BulldozerD11   talk    contribs   20:23, August 24, 2017 (UTC)
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