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    Re: the difference between the bright piston and the dark piston

    Back your questions in details:

    “Per TY290X piston, you have two types’ pistons; one is dark color and the other in bright color like stainless steel. So which is better and what’s the difference.

    1. Three ways of piston surface treatment.

    There are three ways:

    a) Tin plating

    b) Spray-plating with lead at piston skirt part.

    c) Anodizing Aluminum process

    Today, most of the piston adopts the lead spray-plating. It can strengthen the hardness and make the piston stronger than the pistons treated by the other two ways.

    2. Spray-plating with lead at piston skirt part.

    Before the spray plating, the piston can be treated by two ways:

    a) Phosphating, piston plated in the ac…

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