Restored John Deere Tractors now have an accurate steering wheel that takes it back to the original design

For enthusiasts endeavoring to restore antique tractors to their brand new condition, the word close really only counts out in the field, in the horseshoe pit. Restoration enthusiasts insist that their replacement components all be dead ringers. These owners feel privileged to return their tractor to the original beauty it had years ago, when grandpa first drove it out of the barn. There's no better example of a restoration quality part than the JDS539 John Deere Steering Wheel, manufactured by Steiner Tractor Parts. To look at a new JDS539 alongside an original component, an enthusiast might have a hard time telling which one was recently built by Steiner. This is by design. Steiner Tractor Parts adds vinyl covering, in the style of the original, to a new steel core. This John Deere steering wheel will last just as long as the original, too, especially if the tractor is kept indoors. The hub dimension is precise, and so is the spline pitch. Not only does it perfectly fit on your tractor, it will fit in your hands, just as John Deere designed it to fit, years ago. One feature of the JDS539 might easily be missed; but true Restoration Quality experts will quickly notice the absence of injection holes. These holes were not in the originals, but will show up on sub par replacement steering wheels. For more information on ordering the JDS539 John Deere Steering Wheel, and for dimensions and model compatibility, visit Steiner Tractor Parts.

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