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    Growth continues

    July 17, 2009 by BulldozerD11

    Tractor & Construction Plant Wiki passes 1600 articles, with new articles on Indian tractor builders and several UK Steam Rallies & Tractor shows, being recent additions. Progress is steady on listing all the steam engines in preservation exhibited at UK shows. Can we reach 1700 by the end of the month ?

    How about adding details of machines in Europe, the USA and Australia. If you see an engine take a photo & the works number & make and add it to the manufactures page.

    If we keep going at this rate we can grow the wiki to 2500 pages by the end of the year ! - BulldozerD11 22:14, 17 July 2009 (UTC)

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  • BulldozerD11

    Been to a show or steam rally or fayre recently ?

    Add a few details of interesting vehicles or items you have seen with a few of the many photos you took.

    Got a show coming up near you add it to the Shows and Meets page and let others know about it.

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  • BulldozerD11

    Missing models

    July 8, 2009 by BulldozerD11

    There are thousands of missing models of early tractors - do you own an example of one not yet featured ?

    Add it to the wiki with a photo or two and a few details.

    If you own several tractors or machines etc then you have a collection so how about listing them on a Collections page.

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  • BulldozerD11

    Contributions about tractors, Plant (Engineering machines), Steam engines, Commercial vehicles etc from countries other than the UK are welcome to build up the world wide coverage of preserved machinery. I know there are loads of collectors in Australia and New Zealand, as well as Europe, and America, so how about telling us about more of your machines and Museums, shows etc with all that old iron.

    Tractors and other machinery is a Global business to-day and in the past a lot of the UK makes were exported all over the world so let us know about the machines you have still in your country.

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  • BulldozerD11

    Wikia have added several new features over the last year to tractor wiki's Wikimedia software, of which this new blog feature is one. So to try it out i'll post and ask for comments on Tractor wiki's progress.

    1 - in the last 15 months the wiki has grown from zero to 1500 + articles with 1800 images and several thousand other pages of templates, categories and help files. So a big THANK YOU to all who have contributed to the growth of the wiki. More articles with good key words will make us more visible.

    2- Is the new WYSIWYG text editor an improvement or is it more of a hindrance. I personally find it slow and the lack of link suggestions a pain.

    3- Suggestions of how to improve the format and layout of the wiki from a readers point of view …

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