After a intensive few days of copying and pasting templates from wikipedia to fix some of the missing or broken templates the wanted list is hovering around the 600 mark. A number of extra ones were needed to work with categories as the categorisation has also been looked at to sort out the structure with t5he templates side of it.

A number of older edit notice templates still require updating to categorise pages in a "Category:Tractor wiki articles needing xyz" rather than "Category:Wikipedia articles needing xyz". I've also taken the oppertunity to implement the use of monthly categories for the clean up templates (as used on wikipedia) now rather than having to comeback later and change even more later. This means less cleaning up of imported aricle pages from wikipedia to revise all the cleanup template messages already on the pages.

Also added are some of the Flag/Country/Icon templates back as I see scope to use them in more articles to identify country specific features and in table for were models are built, factory locations etc. going forward

Next step is missing range templates some of which have been added already from the missing list. Other existing ones need restructuring.

Category clean up has commenced with the templates related ones and the cleanup needed listing ones done in the main.

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