Wikia have added several new features over the last year to tractor wiki's Wikimedia software, of which this new blog feature is one. So to try it out i'll post and ask for comments on Tractor wiki's progress.

1 - in the last 15 months the wiki has grown from zero to 1500 + articles with 1800 images and several thousand other pages of templates, categories and help files. So a big THANK YOU to all who have contributed to the growth of the wiki. More articles with good key words will make us more visible.

2- Is the new WYSIWYG text editor an improvement or is it more of a hindrance. I personally find it slow and the lack of link suggestions a pain.

3- Suggestions of how to improve the format and layout of the wiki from a readers point of view (Thats all YOU registered users wo are not contributing) let use know what dosent work for you navigation wise (and what IS GOOD) !!!

4- Growth - to grow we need YOU to add missing models or expand details of existing ones.

5 - Clubs - more details needed to help promote tractor collecting and the associated events etc in your area.

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