Following the clearup of a number of wanted Categories by user Scoty6776 I'ved started a cleanup of wanted Templates. Following a look at the vast number of wanted template {{convert}} sub templates and reviewing ways of removing some of the more 'esoteric' ones from the lists of templates in view of the (very) complex and interconected nature of these it was decided it was easier just to copy the rest from wikipedia to 'complete' the set. So after several Hundred templates and sub templates the wanted template list finally dropped below the magic 1000 mark for the first time in 2 years.

A lot of wanted formating and editing templates are just wanted redirects from alternative titles to some of the article management and citation templates from wikipedia listed in template documentation pages.

A large number (several 100) wanted PML templates (preserved Machine lists) have also been created, but i'm still looking for a better way of creating them 'automatically' rather than by copy and paste and having to customise each one. so you may see a few 'ODD' versions about as other ideas are tried. The alternative is to create them as sub pages similar to how doc pages are created using a 'proforma' page for the basic layout. But the variations between vehicle types is a further complication for these.

Next target is to start the various manufactures model 'range' navbox templates that go on the main article and each individual vehicle model page.

Followed by the missing company 'group' navboxes for related companies and connected articles.

A lot of the renaming template links often from a single page can then be removed/fixed as they are often mistyped variations.

Once the missing templates are fixed, the wanted images and wanted articles list can be tackled to reduce red links, along with Orphaned articles

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