After a lot of work by User:Scoty6776 we have passed the 7000 article point. A lot of back ground/ definition of terminology articles to fill in red links in the main articles have been ported from wikipedia. Also a number of vehicle brand and model articles are also being imported to build on to form a database of vehicles in preservation within them.

A number of missing smaller steam engine builders and custom built engines have been added. The current season of steam rallies has provided some new engines to add the the preservation lists and several events now need lists of the exhibits adding for the 2011 season show.

Random IP users still assume the summary box magically adds the stuff they type in it to article page even when nothing shows up after their null edit with a summary is 'published' !! The RTE still causes users to struggle to edit pages with templates.

Wikia appear to have fixed some of the gripes from the 2010 major 'upgrade' of the wikis look and workings. They just need to fix some of the image upload forms so renaming and licensing work better for new users instead of being hidden.

The quest to get rid of wanted templates has after several set backs got below 500 and the wanted images below 250, after work updating pages to remove non relevant or non-existent image links from imported pages.

-   BulldozerD11   talk    contribs   21:04, May 26, 2011 (UTC)

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