Wikia have in their wisdom decided to introduce a new Skin (look) and withdraw some of the powers that admins have to control the design of each individual wiki. This include withdrawing from November the current look. The 'New Wikia' look gives a much reduced article space, drops the left side navigation links and introduces a wider block on the right for adverts and various features based on some the 'new look' hubs were recent activity is displayed, latest picture posts, blogs and Internal wiki adverts appear covering about 1/3 of a new fixed width layout.

I personally think it is a very retrograde step and do not like the new layout or the moves by wikia to introduce social networking with links to face book etc. The loss of functionality and editing tools being sidelined, with some things now taking several clicks to do what was one a matter of just typing a code into the edit window. Visit here to see the new layout.

Several heated discussion/dissent is being expressed in the comments to the various staff blogs and on the central forum Here and in other threads at Wikia Community Central.

As a result I am stopping actively contributing new material to this wiki (which was founded by me).

I will currently maintain it, but am looking at options; A) to either move to a new host (replicate the current content as permitted by the CC by SA license on a new site with a similar name hosted by another Wikifarm and then expand that). B) To create a new project along similar lines as a Wiki project but with a revised structure that i will either Host myself or arrange hosting for on a server farm and with a similar domain name. C)Create a Wiki based Encyclopaedia that material can be submitted to, but is not open general editing by the public. But could have several contributing editors.

Please leave comments below or at Project:Tractor Wiki - is there a future on Wikia

- BulldozerD11 20:50, September 30, 2010 (UTC) (Tractor Wiki founder and Admin)

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