With the addition of International TD-24 by User:Edrob we reach the milestone of 3500 articles.

The article on the International TD-24 is just the latest of a whole series by Ed on the International Harvester companies products that he has written for us including a whole section on the International Cub Cadet range.

Also helping us reach this new total was User:Scoty6776 with a series of articles on Middle Eastern and Indian makes and models often based on designs by Massey Ferguson and Goldoni built under license for local markets.

Do you have a favourite manufacturer that you could add a few articles on or about some of the models they built to help us reach the 4000 article mark ? (we would have more but we have to unfortunately delete a few 'test' articles each month with no real content as articles need to provide more info than the parent article contains that linked to it). So please link your articles to other related ones, so they are not a dead end.

Thanks also to all the smaller contributors who have expanded existing articles, added photos and articles, or just corrected some of the typos. - BulldozerD11 23:49, July 7, 2010 (UTC) (Tractor Wiki founder)

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