International Paystar F-5050 6x6
International Paystar F-5050 1977
International Paystar F-5050 6x6 water truck c.1977
Model Details
Manufacturer International Harvester Co.
Introduced date 1973
Discontinued date 1987
Preceding model M-6123-CBE
Superseded by 5000SBA 6x6
GVW lb./kg. 53200 lb
Variants (related models) Paystar 5050 4x4, 5070 4x4, F-5010, F-5050, F-5050 6x6, F-5050SF, F-5070, F-5070 6x6, F-5070SF
Engine data
Make International
Model DT-466 turbocharged
Fuel type (option) diesel
Power HP @ rpm 210 @ 2800
Cylinders 6
ci / Ltr
466 ci
Cooling method water
Gearbox make Fuller RT-613 with TC-177 transfer case
Gearbox type constant mesh
Gears (forward speeds) 13 transmission x 1 transfer case = 13
Axle no. (driven) 3 (3)
Drive type rear dual-drive, part-time front drive
Tires - standard (optional) 15-22.5 14-ply front, 10.00-20 12-ply dual rear
Suspension leaf spring front, Hendrickson RT-380 leaf spring rear
Other data
Shipping weight 15647 lb
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The Edrob/International Paystar F-5050 6x6 was built by International Harvester from 1973 to 1987.

Model historyEdit

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The International Paystar 5000 line was a series of extra heavy-duty construction trucks intended for use as dump trucks, cement mixers, oil-field trucks, etc. The Paystar line replaced the M-series and the 210-230 series. It included various models with 4x4, 6x4, and 6x6 drive arrangements, powered by gasoline, mid-range diesel, and big-bore diesel engines from International and several other engine manufacturers. The Paystar F-5050 6x6 model replaced the M6123-50. It was designed for straight truck construction applications needing the traction of all-wheel-drive but not requiring the power of big-bore diesel engines.

Specification Edit

Standard equipment in 1973: GVW: 49200 lb Engine: International DV-550B diesel Cylinders: V8 Displacement: 549 HP: 200 @ 3000 Transmission: T-403 5-speed Auxiliary transmission: TC-163 2-speed transfer case Front axle: FA-138 hypoid, 16000 lb capacity Rear axle: International RA-351 hypoid, 34000 lb capacity Suspension: leaf springs front, Hendrickson RT340 leaf springs rear Brakes: International air Tires: 15-22.5 14-ply front, 10.00-20 12-ply dual rear

Variations and Options Edit

Options in 1973: GVW: 56000 lb Engine: Caterpillar 1160 V8 (636 ci, 225 hp), Cummins V-555 V8 (555 ci, 225 hp), Detroit Diesel 6V-53N V6 2-cycle (318 ci, 210 hp) Transmission: Fuller 13-speed, Allison 5-speed automatic Auxiliary transmission: Front axle: FA-184 18000 lb, FA-186 20000 lb Rear axle: 38000 lb Suspension: rubber load cushion rear Brakes: Tires: 18-22.5 16-ply front, 11.00-22 14-ply dual rear

Changes Edit

1975: Engine: DV-550B became D-190 190 hp, International DT-466 turbocharged 6-cylinder added, 466 ci, 210 hp; Caterpillar 1160 became 3208 210 hp; Cummins V-555 reduced to 216 hp Transmission: Fuller RT-613 13-speed standard, 5-speed optional, 10-speed new option Auxiliary transmission: TC-177 1-speed standard with 13-speed transmission

1976: GVW: standard increased to 53200 lb Transmission: Spicer 5-speeds added Front axle: FA-191 replaced FA-138 16000 lb, FA-192 replaced FA-184 18000 lb, 20000 lb dropped Rear axle: International RA-355 38000 lb standard, Eaton and Rockwell up to 44000 lb optional Suspension: Hendrickson RT-380 standard Tires: 12.00-24 16-ply rear duals optional

1980: Engine: D-190, V-555, 6V-53N dropped Auxiliary transmission: Spicer 785 1-speed standard Front axle: optional FA-192 increased to 21000 lb Rear axle: International RA-472 hypoid 40000 lb standard, 44000 lb optional

1981: GVW: 64000 lb optional Engine: 3208 engine dropped Auxiliary transmission: Rockwell 2-speed transfer case optional Rear axle: Rockwell SSHD 46000 lb optional

1984: GVW: 54000 lb standard, 60000 lb optional Engine: International DTI-466 turbocharged & intercooled optional, also at 210 hp Front axle: Rockwell FDS1600 16000 lb standard

1985: Rear axle: Spicer G400 40000 lb standard

1987: Engine: International DT-466C only engine 466 ci, 210 hp

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