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I have Started this Wiki to provide a place to record information on all Tractors and Construction Plant Manufactured and used in the UK, but as the market is world wide and plant crosses borders have expanded the companies to world wide.

We cover any machinery that fits under the general heading that is being collected, restored and preserved, along with any related material to build up the Biggest dedicated resource for this type of Machinery On the web. The material on here goes beyond wikipedias remit for information relating to the manufactures basic history. If it falls foul of Wikipedia:Not other than Advertising and Spam, it is probably quite acceptable here any way. I.E Links to related sites, Lists, specs, photos, etc are all OK. (not other peoples copy righted photos grabbed off the web though, take your own). Get out and visit shows and museums and show use whats out there in your area !

I have collected old Machines in the past, and also collect Scale Model versions as less storage required.

I attend several Shows a year, and it never cease to amazes me at the vast range of Machinery now preserved in the UK and abroad.

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