Founded 2001
Headquarters Rio Grande de Sul, Brazil
Products agriculture machinery tractor
Parent Bramont

Ursus (Brazil), URSUS MÁQUINAS AGRÍCOLAS LTDA, is a tractor assembler and importer based in Rio Grande de Sul, Brazil It traces it roots to 1996 when Ursus of Poland began exporting tractors to Brazil. In 1998, Ursus announced plans for a tractor factory in Panama, but it was never completed. A local company, Metasa, began assembling Ursus CKDs in Passo Fundo, RS, Brazil in 1999. By 2000, it contained 60% local content, but Metasa quit building tractors that same year.

In 2001, a new company, Guerra, obtained an agreement with Ursus to build tractors. and created Ursus Máquinas Agrícolas Ltda. with production in Farroupilha, RS, Brazil. Guerra added some Goldoni models shortly thereafter, and built tractors for export to other Latin American countries under the Maxter brand. By 2003 local content of the tractors had reached 70%.

In 2005, the Kuhn Group purchased the company, and in 2008 shifted to begin building Mahindra-based tractors, nationalizing them (increasing local content), slowly replacing the Ursus tractors from Poland, but keeping the name, Ursus. In 2013 the production of Mahindra models was assumed by Bramont in new plant in Dois Irmãos, RS, Brazil.



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