Tractorul UTB S.A
Predecessor IAR (Intreprinderea Aeronáutica Română)
Universal Traktoren Brasov (UTB)
Founded 1946

Brasov, Romania

Industry agriculture machinery tractor
Employees 29,000 (1990)
1,900 (2007)
Parent Flavius Invest

Universal (UTB) tractors were built in Brasov, Romania beginning in 1946. The company began as Universal Traktoren Brasov or (UTB), but the name was changed in 2000 to Tractorul UTB S.A. Universal began building tractors under licensed from Fiat. The later built Long and LongTrac tractors that were shipped to the USA with Long Agri owning 20% of the company. (After Long Agri's purchase by the Escort Group, Escort's (Farmtrac) owned that 20%).


Since the founding of the works until about 1999/2000, about 1.32 millions tractor under both brand names and UTB - especially for export - Universal (or combined UTB / Universal) and in the 1950s, in the meantime with a different manufacturer name UTOS (Uzina Tractorul Oraşul Stalin produced), with over 720,000 exported in about 115 countries worldwide.[1]

The company has gone through various hard-times. In 2003, it was to be purch. by ARGO (Landini), but they pulled out of the deal. In 2005, Mahindra was going to purchase the company, but that deal also fell through.[2] In 2007, Sonalika announced its interest in it, but nothing has come of it. It was purchased by Flavius Invest, the current owners in 2007, with plans to build a shopping center and hotels on the site.[3]

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At one time, UTB owned 50% Universal UTB Hungaria (distributor), 40% Universal Traktorji UTS (Slovenia)(mfg), 50% UTB - Sepa (Italy)(mfg), and 50% Universal Traktor Sonay (Turkey). Tractors have been built under the Universal, UTB, Universal Farmliner (for Australia), and Titan, as well as probably others.

Universal built tractors that were sold by Montana Tractors and Long/Farmtrac. Tractors were/are built under license in Pakistan under the GM Universal brand by Agripak. In Argentina, Grossi builds under license and/or imports tractors from Universal. Hattat in Turkey builds/built Hattat Universal tractors under license.

In 2008, new production was set up under license from Falvius Invest and an Egyptian company, to manufacture the Universal 650 tractor in the Roman truck plant in Brasov. Initially, 600 tractors would be produced, all of which would be exported to Egypt.[4]


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Universal Combine Harvester Models
Model Year(s) of Production Horsepower Engine Type Misc Notes Photo
Universal Super C-14 combine

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