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A selection of Tyres for Agricultural applications

Tyres are a very important part of a lot of machinery as they have several rolls to play.


A Typical modern road vehicle tyre cross section, with the main features annotated. Early tyres were of a much narrower and taller profile.

A Fordson Dexta fitted with Grassland tyres on the rear

A low profile tyre on a alloy wheel fitted to a pick-up truck

Tyres come in a wide range of different types with the tyre Casing (body ) designed for the application and a wide range of tread patterns designed to assist grip and reduce damage to the road or ground it is being used on.

  • Agricultural \/ pattern
  • Grassland - designed to spread load and not cut slots in ground, usually used on sports field tractors, were grip is not a major problem but ruts are.
  • Terra tyres - very wide low ground pressure often used om sprayers to avoid crop damage when a slim rowcrop wheel would sink in.
  • Low profile - usually used on cars and utility vehicles. More for visual effect than any technical reason.

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