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For the American company of the same name, see Turner Manufacturing Company of Port Washington, Wisconsin.

A Turner "Yeoman of England" tractor

The Turner Manufacturing Company of Wolverhampton, England, built a Tractor called the "Yeoman of England" fitted with a V4 '2V95' diesel engine. The tractors were built from 1949 till 1957.


Special display of about a dozen Turner tractors at Newark VTH show 2008

The second line of Yeoman tractors at Newark VTH show

A Turner "Yeoman of England" MK3 tractor at Peterborough

The rear of the Yeoman of England showing unusual gearbox design, with a split (longitudinal) gearbox and no hydraulic linkage

The Turner Diesel Tractor first appeared at the 1949 Royal Show in Shrewsbury. The tractor had many features which were perhaps ahead of their time. The engine was a V4 diesel unit of 40 horsepower. Power was transmitted via a single-plate dry clutch through a four forward and one reverse gear box, to a spiral bevel differential, with a spur gear final drive reduction. An electric starter and independent foot brakes were standard fittings.

In Turner publicity of the time it was claimed: The Yeoman of England would do 'much more work at less cost per acre and its tremendous lugging power and traction and its economy in operation were some of the many advantages enjoyed by farmers using a Turner diesel tractor'. Potential purchasers were also informed that the astonishing lugging power of the Turner diesel engine enabled the tractor to pull four furrows as easily as other tractors could pull three, thus giving one extra acre per hour without additional fuel costs. Sadly the Turner developed an unenviable reputation as being a difficult starter, this together with other reliability issues in what was becoming a very competitive market resulted in it's demise when production ceased in 1957.


Model Range

The same basic tractor was offered with several options.


a range of implements were also offered

Preservation Examples

A large number were gathered together at the 6th Newark VTH show in 2008 (photos above). This included several prototypes and a rare Turner stationary engine.

List of Preserved Turner Yeoman tractors
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Make + Model No. Reg No.
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Serial No. Build-Date Engine-Type/Make Owner
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Photo Where seen/Featured in Other info
Turner Diesel tractor LUX 403 sn ? ? Turner V4 ? Turner Yeoman of England - LUX403 at Hollowell 2010 - IMG 4288.JPG Turner Yeoman of England - LUX403 at Hollowell 2010 - IMG 4287.JPG At Hollowell Steam Rally/2010
Turner Diesel tractor Reg no. ? MK2-284-650 ? Turner V4 ? to add At Stottfold Mill Steam Rally 2012
Turner Diesel tractor 352 YUM MK2B-792 ? Turner V4 ? to add At Duncombe Park Steam Rally 2013 Fitted with hydraulics + PTO
Turner Diesel Tractor Reg no. ? Turner Yeoman of England sn ? ? Turner V4 ? 100px Tractor & Construction Plant Wiki:Requested images

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