Trojan Industries
Founded 1950
Headquarters Batavia, New York, USA
Products wheeled loaders
Parent O&K
Yale Materials Handling Corporation

Trojan Industries as either purchased by, or formed by, Yale Materials Handling Corporation in 1950. Based in Batavia, New York, USA, the company manufactured wheeled loaders under the Trojan brand. Some were labeled as Trojan Yale, such as those built or sold in Argentina, while in Spain, they were marketed as Yale Trojan.

In Argentina, loaders were manufactured under license by Nortorf of Buenos Aires.[1]

O&K Trojan logo

The brand was sold off in 1982 to FAUN of Germany, which gradually merged the two lines together. FAUN wheel loaders were derived from the Frisch, also of Germany. In 1986, O&K took over FAUN and continued building loaders in the Batavia, New York plant as O&K Trojan' branded wheel loaders. The former Yale/Trojan models were eventually phased out, and the plant closed in Batavia in 1992. Current O&K wheel loaders are manufactured in Germany.


  • Trojan 104
  • Trojan 114
  • Trojan 124
  • Trojan 134
  • Trojan 164
  • Trojan 204
  • Trojan 304
  • Trojan 404 (1958-1968)
  • Trojan 1500
  • Trojan 3000 (1966-)
  • Trojan 4000 (1966-)
  • Trojan 7500
  • Trojan 8000 (1966-) - largest Trojan loader built, two articulating joints, 530 hp (400 kW), GM engine
  • Trojan LHM-75
  • Trojan Landfill Special
  • O&K Trojan 1500Z
  • O&K Trojan 2500Z
  • O&K Trojan 3500Z


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