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An immaculately restored MF 3 ton tipping trailer with drop sides

One of the most useful farm tractors accessories is the trailer as it has a multitude of uses and is probably the most useful addition to a tractor.

They come in several types and sizes and have evolved over the years fron the old converted horse cart via the body of old ex army and other trucks to sophisticated high speed high capacity units for handling demountable loads.


A selection of modern trailer types built by Warwick trailers

A versatile semi low loader with removable deck to five a dropped well for machinery transport (trailer is carrying a light weight chassis built of high tensile steel for a low Tare weight)

A specialist trailer built to transport the modern supper wide combine headers of modern harvesters.


  • Tipping trailer
  • Bale trailer
  • High lift trailer
  • Flat bed trailer
  • Plant trailer
  • Semi-low loader
  • Pole trailer(also called Pipe or log trailer)
  • Silage trailer
  • Feed trailer
  • Grain trailer
  • Header trailer

Road transport



(A large number are badged up by the major tractor brands from outside suppliers)
  • AS Trailers
  • Bailey Trailers
  • Chieftain Trailers
  • Easterby Trailers
  • Griffiths Trailers
  • Massey Ferguson
  • Marshall Trailers
  • Marston Trailers
  • Redrock
  • Rolland Trailers
  • Staines Trailers
  • Stuart Trailers
  • Warwick Trailers
  • Weeks
  • West Trailers
  • Wooton Trailers

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