Tractor and Plant related books and publications. There are a vast range of books dedicated to the history of and the working life of Tractors and Construction Plant. These range from simple collections of general photographs to very detailed archives of individual makes and even just one particular model and its many variations.

General Books Edit

Tractors Edit

Plant Edit

  • Building Giant Earthmovers
  • Bulldozers
  • Caterpillar
  • Caterpillar Chronicle, by Eric C Orlemann, MBI
  • Caterpillar index
  • ISBN 1-58388-129-8 Euclid Earth-Moving Equipment 1924-1968, by Eric C. Orlemann, published by Icongraphic,
  • ISBN 0-7522-1340-7 Classic Plant Machinery (book) by Brian Johnson
  • Massey Ferguson Construction Plant, by John Farnworth

Machinery Edit

Heavy Haulage Edit

  • Faun Archive, V1,2,3
  • GoldHoffer (German text)
  • Nooteboom - Giants on the Road, V2,3
  • High, Wide & HEAVY , David Lee
  • Heavy Haulage and Abnormal Loads, V2,3,4
  • Schwerttransporte (German text)


Farm MachineryEdit

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