Marshall MP6 (tractor pulling special)

A Marshall MP 6 based tractor pulling special at the Newby Hall Vintage show

Tractor pullers line up at Belvoir 09 - IMG 8567

Line up of the Tractor pullers in the ring at Belvoir Castle show having a blow out in 2009

The sport of Tractor pulling is a branch of motor sport were old tractors are adapted with the addition of a larger engine to get more power. The sport involves driving the tractor down a course whilst pulling a "sledge", which ad a weight on that moves up the sledge as it goes down the course, increasing the load on the front sledge, thus increasing the drag. The idea being to see who can pull it the furthest before stalling or digging in. The competitions are dived into classes for differing sizes of tractor and powers, with weight limits imposed for the classes. The top machines can have jet engines fitted with others having multiple engines. The machines are fitted with roll bars, anti-flip wheels at the back, and emergency cut outs with some classes having safety screens or netting in case the engine or transmission blows up.

Some of the vintage shows and steam fairs have a tractor pulling competition or demonstrations.

Shows with tractor pulling eventsEdit

Tractor Pulling sledge - pickering 09 - IMG 3571

A typical tractor pull sledge with sliding weight and skid unit built from an old trailer chassis

Tractor Pulling Special

Farm built tractor pulling special built from a lorry axle and Engine with agricultural tyres and the bonnet from a crawler, seen at Belvoir Castle show 2006

Tractor puller with a jet engine at Holcot

A jet powered Tractor Pulling special at Holcot Steam Rally 2008

Fordson Major V8 tractor pulling at Astwoodbank

A V8 powered Fordson Major at Astwood Bank Vintage Gathering

Tractor puller V8 Fordson Major-Driffield-P8100493

A V8 powered tractor pulling special at Driffield Vintage show 2008

static exhibits (no pulling event)

The TractorsEdit

  • Marshall MP6 (photo at top)
  • Fordson major with a V8 Perkins.
  • Farm built Special (photo above)

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