Hornsby-Ackroyd tractor of 1896 at Newby 09 - IMG 2188

One of only 2 surviving (in the world) Hornsby-Ackroyd Oil Engine tractors from 1896.
Believed to be the Oldest working tractor in the world

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Construction Plant Manufactures
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England (U.K.) Edit

  • Foreign companies with Manufacturing plants in UK are included.
  • Note: Initial article/info from Wikipedia entries were available was used, these are then being expanded to include more model info and details of preserved examples, predominantly relating to the UK, but other areas can be added as a sub section for clarity.

UK Tractor Manufactures/Brands:

Early - Steam powered tractors Edit

Main article: List of Steam Machinery Manufacturers
McLaren traction engine no.127

McLaren no. 127 of 1882 One of the earliest built engines still in working order

Early UK Built Tractors - Internal Combustion engines Edit


Post War / Modern UK Built Tractors - Internal Combustion engines Edit

Specialist Models and 4-wd ConvertersEdit

4 x 4 Articulated dumper built using Ford 7710 by M.T. Agricultural 1988

M.T. Agricultural 4WD articulated dumper based on Ford 7710 tractor

A load of firms built specialist versions of the major manufactures models for niche markets and applications. Some of these were sold through the main dealers as manufacturer approved versions. Some have been badged as the main manufacturers brand.

For tractor details by individual Models see Tractors by model number - Category

UK Engine Manufacturers Edit

Main article: List of Engine Manufacturers

Note:For companies whose main product line is not engines please disambiguate by adding (engines) to the title to separate from main company article.

America (USA) Edit

Waterloo Boy tractor (lhs) at GDSF 08 - IMG 0653

A early US built Waterloo Boy tractor

Major American manufacturersEdit

Smaller American Manufacturers pre 1940s (Defunct) Edit

Avery tractor at Belvoir

An Avery tractor

Smaller American Manufacturers post 1940s (Defunct) Edit

Incomplete list

Argentina Edit


Rotania, the first self-propelled combine

Australia Edit

Chamberlain Super 90 reg APO219C at GDSF 08 - IMG 0726

An Australian Chamberlain tractor

Austria Edit

Lindner Geotrac 104 MFWD - 2010

Lindner Geotrac 104

Steyr CVT 170 MFWD - 2003

Steyr CVT 170

Azerbaijan Edit

Belgium Edit

Brazil Edit


CBT 8060

Maxion 9150 MFWD-1994

Maxion 9150

SLC-JD 5600 - 1999

SLC - John Deere 5600

Canada Edit

New Holland 9682 versatile tractor Big Boy of (C.L. Collins) at Astwood Bank 09 - IMG 3582

A Canadian built New Holland Versatile 9682

China Edit

YTO X1004 MFWD-2010

YTO X1004

Fujian 184-4 MFWD (blue)-2001

Fujian 184-4

Changlin CL1204 MFWD - 2006

Changlin CL1204

Shanghai NH SNH1304 MFWD - 2010

Shanghai New Holland SNH1304

Foton TG 1454 MFWD - 2009

Foton TG 1454

DongFeng DF 354a MFWD (white) - 2002

Dongfeng DF 354a

See note: Chinese tractors

Croatia Edit

Tuber 40 MFWD - 2007

Tuber 40

Czechoslovakia/Czech Republic/Slovak Republic Edit

Zetor 3013 vineyard (unrestored) at Malvern 09 - IMG 5585

A 1960s Zetor tractor in the UK

France Edit

SFV 201 of 1957 reg RSJ 516 at Stoke Goldington 09 - IMG 9822

A French built SFV tractor

Germany Edit

Eicher ES202 of 1967 sn 109810 at GDSF 08 - IMG 0621

A German built Eicher ES202 tractor

Porsche Super AP133 at GDSF - IMG 0718

A German Porsche tractor at a UK show

Greece Edit

Malkotsis tractor

Malkotsis EM-4

Hungary Edit

Dutra at Weeting 09 - IMG 9709

A Dutra seen in the UK at the Weeting Steam Engine Rally and Country Show

India Edit

Iran Edit

Italy Edit

Japan Edit

North Korea Edit

Pakistan Edit

Poland Edit

Romania Edit

Russia Edit

Slovenia Edit

South Africa Edit

South Korea Edit

Spain Edit

Sweden Edit

Switzerland Edit

Turkey Edit

Yugoslavia (country split up) Edit

Rest of World Edit

See also Edit

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