The main policies for talk pages are linked from the {{talkheader}} template which can be added to any talk page (see below).

Main policiesEdit

  • Assume good faith
  • Be polite
  • No personal attacks
  • Be Welcoming
  • Sign all posts with ~~~~ which adds your user name and a time stamp so other know who added the comment/question and when.

Page contentEdit

Generally discusions should relate directly to the article to which the page is attached. It should be about content, layout, formating or acuracy of infomation on the pages and proposal for improvemets.

Other discussion should be moved to the forum or a relavant page such as proposed changes to a template.

Discussion related to a user should generally be on the users concerned pages or a separate page created for that discussion, e.g. a proposal to create a new template for a mssage about changes to layout or format can be on a sub page of the policy page to which it relates.

Example headerEdit

This is the talk page for discussing improvements to the Tractor & Construction Plant Wiki:Talk Page Policy page.

Proposed changesEdit

suggest any changes to this page here.

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