Users who would like to become an Admin on this wiki can apply here.


  • List your UserName below, and a short note on why you feel you need/should be elected as an admin on Tractor & Construction Plant Wiki. (please sign your application with ~~~~ as per talk pages).
  • Other users may add coments below either;
    • Support user xyz for reason
    • Neutral (Just wish to add a comment on user xyz or the comments by others without supporting or opposing application.
    • Oppose user xyz for reason
(please sign your comments with ~~~~ as per talk pages. Do not remove comments, just strike them through out if you change your mind using <s>comment</s>).

Applications will be considered open (for comments) for one (1) month before a decision is made by the existing admins, based on the comments received in that period and the users edit history on the Wiki (edits on other wikia & wikipedia are NOT normally relevant).

Current ApplicationsEdit

There are no current applications for adminship on Tractor Wiki

Past applicationsEdit

There are no past application for adminship on Tractor Wiki

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