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Note - If red a detailed policy has not been created yet, see general policy

The Criteria for speedy deletion are simple :-

  1. Any page without meaning full content - i.e if a page is created from a red link and it has no info or no more info other than can be seen on the originating page then the page serves no purpose as it is not even a stub.
  2. Any page created to purely to promote a company via a website link.
  3. Any page that is obviously cut & passed from a copyrighted source with no attribution
  4. Any page that is not in English and it is not clear if the content is 'relavent' to the wiki.
  5. Any image that is not suitable to be connected with a current topic on the wiki unless it is for a usersown page and is used on it. But is must be suitable for viewing by all age groups.

Remember any page can show up in internet searches on a wiki.

If in doubt as to suitability for Wikia sites you can ask another admin or wikia staff or the spam taskforce for a second opinion.

If you can create something usefull from the page please try to do so !!

If a page has more than a few words or a image and fills a gap in the wikis knowledge and is linked to then keep it if relevant but help by Wikify it.

Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.