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Categories for discussion (Cfd) is where deletion, merging, and renaming of categories (pages in the Category namespace) is discussed. Categories are used to organise other pages and aid browsing of related articles. See How to use this page for the official rules of this page, guidelines for Speedy Deletion and Speedy Renaming, and how to do cleanup. See Tractor & Construction Plant Wiki:Naming conventions (categories) for the policies guiding many renaming decisions.

Categories that have been listed for more than seven days are eligible for deletion, renaming or merging when a rough consensus to do so has been reached or no objections to the nomination have been raised.

When a category is renamed or merged with another category, it may be helpful to use the {{Category redirect}} template at the old category title.

Current discussions Edit

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Discussions awaiting closure Edit

Tractor & Construction Plant Wiki:Categories for discussion/Working Tractor & Construction Plant Wiki:Categories for discussion/Howto

Special notes Edit

Categories relating to stub articles should not be nominated here, but should be taken to Tractor & Construction Plant Wiki:Stub types for deletion. If a group nomination of several similarly-named categories includes one or more stub categories, it is usual for non-stub categories to be nominated here first, with stub categories nominated separately at Tractor & Construction Plant Wiki:Stub types for deletion only once a decision has been reached on the non-stub types. As stub category names usually - though not always - follow permanent category naming, resulting changes to stub categories would frequently be considered as speediable.

When nominating a category, it's helpful to add a notice on the talk page of the most-closely related article. Doing so would not only extend an additional courtesy, but possibly also bring in editors who know more about the subject at hand. You can use {{Cfd-article}} for this.

Categories that should exist but are missing articles or subcategories should be added to Category:Underpopulated categories using {{Popcat}}.

If a category is only used as generated by a template (e.g. Category:Foo Stubs to correspond with Template:Foo-stub), and that template is deleted by regular WP:TFD or WP:SFD process, then the category can be deleted as well as long as it was nominated along with the template, or mentioned early in the discussion. Tractor & Construction Plant Wiki:Categories for discussion/Speedy

Categories possibly emptied out of process Edit

Note. Categories listed here will be automatically moved to Category:Candidates for speedy deletion after 96 hours.

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