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Tractors and Construction Plant Wiki

This wiki project aims to collect information about the Preservation and Collecting all Tractors, Machinery and Construction Plant that has being manufactured or used in the UK . It aims to have information about all the Manufacturers and the Models built, any Preservation or collector clubs, meets, with information on how to repair machines, obtain Parts, suppliers, other sources of information. Sections on Steam engines, Lorries, Rollers, Heavy Haulage trucks & Low Loaders, Engines manufacturers, and models.

Any thing to do with Classic Tractors, plant and machinery and its preservation and any machinery that will become classic. From the Earliest Steam powered to the Biggest most modern machinery made.

The Tractor and Construction Plant Wiki is a project dedicated to building up a large database about all types of equipment in the United Kingdom. A wikia is a site where anyone can edit the pages, so feel free to improve our wikia wherever you feel it's necessary or you can expand it!

At the moment, we have 17,187 articles, and we're always adding more. You can help increase the Knowledge base of information! As this is a NEW Wikia the initial articles utilise the existing knowledge from Wikipedia for articles, were an entry exists. These items require more work to fill in the gaps in History and Model / range Information. For Detailed info on Lines or individual models individual articles can/will be created. For example Fordson tractor model N or The World diesel speed record breaking JCB Dieselmax, which is a specially made test machine.

Anything can have its own article so feel free to define unusual items, just link them in to the text in other articles. Ever Model can have its own article, Shows and Events can have a page. It just needs some one to write it, if you have some Knowledge on a particular item share it, or fill in the missing gaps.

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